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Follow your passion

So many people question me, is it that easy to follow your passion? Yes! Of course, it’s very easy. I’ve noticed that many people usually go after the people who are successful but this isn’t the right way to follow. You should always listen to your heart and listen very patiently.

Let me tell you a story about following your passion and turning it into a successful empire. A very good friend of mine (Neha), she loved shopping and her dad was into liquor business. They were financially sound but still her dad felt that she is going a bit too far with her shopping ideas. And her shopping bills were extremely exceeding day by day.

During the visit to Goa, she was wearing a beautiful bracelet that she had picked up in Jaipur. There a friend of her fell in love with that and insisted that she sell it to her and she sold that at a very good price. This deal gave her a idea and when she came back home she made a plan to travel all over the world and she started picking few small things from everywhere. And she started selling them all at a decent price. She was literally following her passion and her passion for shopping took her to another level. After few months, she organized a sale for the items she was carrying and it was bumper hit.

She was just following her passion and started earning and now she is making her dad proud. This is how following your passion can give you life changing experiences. Now she is helping her dad in his business too.


Well now so many students generally ask me that they aren’t been able to decide that what stream should they opt for right now. And I’ve no reply to those students because I know if I will tell them to go for it, and in case of disliking they’re going to curse me. So I always mention, just go for few demo classes and study about various things and check whether you’re liking it or not. There you’ll get an idea about your passion and you can easily redirect your mind as per your matter of interest. For me that’s the only way out for the students in order to choose the field of their interest.

I always wanted to be a CA and reason for that is one of my dad’s friends whom I was following since childhood. He was dam rich and his lifestyle made me realize that I’m going for CA no matter what. But when I completed my 10th and scored good marks in science so I started sitting in Non-Medical classes. Again I was drifting away from my passion and I started preparing for chemistry and Physics. One day when my class teacher asked me what exactly you want to become, I replied that I want to be a CA. after that he guided me that I should go for commerce classes and it would be easy for me. After 2 months I shifted my field again but after finishing my 12th with commerce I felt I’m not meant for this. I went for few computer classes and I felt this is what I was looking for. After that along with, I started my software engineering classes and occupied myself for the entire day. After that I went for MBA in IT and completed the Microsoft Certification (MCTS). That was perfect for me and now I’ve started my own development firm and I’m following my passion by developing few websites and softwares.

After all the educational stuff, there was something that was missing. I’ve become a software engineer but still I feel blogging was there in my blood. And I was writing few things and then I was destroying. So finally, I’m so glad that I managed all these things whatever my heart used to allow me. So that’s a small message to all of you to follow your heart and no matter you’re getting the success or not. Once the passion will become your profession, you’ll automatically reach on top.

Want to get out of a relationship

Want to get out of a relationship

If you’re in a relationship and tired of such things then there are few things that you can try and come out of that relationship. That may help if you recently had a breakup. Sometimes we use to rush towards a relationship and later on we find that we aren’t going on the right direction. The point is once you get involved with someone, it’s quite difficult to move on.

There is no point imposing yourself to be in a relationship if you aren’t happy. Well you may try to do various things apart from being stuck over there:

  • You may go out with your old friends and watch some good movies, you can party with friends.
  • Try reading few amazing books of your taste.
  • You may explore few unseen places in order to occupy yourself.
  • Dress up for yourself and try shopping for your family members.
  • Start exploring Quora and start writing about your experiences.
  • Cook some food for your parents and loved ones.
  • You can invest your time in few sports or yoga activities.
  • You may try learning few new things as well in order to enhance your skills.

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How can we stay closer to God?

How can we stay closer to God?

How can we stay closer to God?

We always adopt so many things to stay closer to god but trust me if you’ll perform your duties with perfection, that’s also a way to stay closer to God. We always keep on thinking that the worship is the only way out to impress the almighty but I feel that’s not true. God doesn’t ever need worship, god always consider our intentions like how we’re treating others.

If you are respecting and serving your parents and grandparents properly then this is your biggest worship and prayer. Otherwise, if you are not respecting your family and are busy in the prayers of God, then it is of no use.

God never meets you in Temples and Gurudwaras because God is always there in your heart and you just need to sense that within your heart. If you fulfill all your deeds, with all your heart and without any selfishness, that is also a kind of worship.

So many gurus are trying to behave like God and spreading few wrong messages. I may be wrong but I feel such gurus can be a medium to convey your thoughts to God but can’t be equivalent to God.

If you really want to stay closer to god, so just go and serve the needy people and you’ll automatically get numerous blessings. I hope you all will keep this thing in your mind. Stay blessed.

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Few qualities that you must have Rishabh Datta

Few qualities that you must have

Few qualities that you must have

Have faith in yourself

First of all, you should have faith in yourself that whatever you’re doing is right. You can solve so many issues, if you’ve self belief. And for that you should be an independent thinker.


You must have the ability to forgive, no matter how hard the conditions are. The person who forgives is great in so many ways.

Learn from your own mistakes

You should always learn from your own mistakes, you can’t grow as an individual if you’re repeating the same twice. Keep those lessons with you forever; it may help you going further.

Love everyone but don’t hate anyone

Spread love as much as you can. There shouldn’t be any scope of hating anyone. If you can actually do that, you’re going to stay in so many hearts for really long time.


No matter you’re right or wrong, you should always adopt Truthfulness. Nobody in this world can defeat you, if your basics are strong.

Say no to violence

Say no to violence in every case and you should always stay cool and calm. At times you can win so many things by using your patience what you can’t win from violence.

Take the initiative and complete it

If you’re planning about doing something, don’t delay. Do it right now. All you’ve to do is take the initiative and finish it in a flow.

Grab it whatever is coming your way

You should always grab it whatever is coming your way. Sometimes we use to wait for the better things to happen with us that go out of our hands from time to time.

Stay in your present

You should always stay in your present. You can consider your past just to make sure, how to go ahead towards your future.

I admit it’s really difficult to be totally perfect but still you can give it a try by following few things. Stay tuned for updates here and few more qualities that one should have.

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