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Secrets of studying effectively

Secrets of studying effectivelyWhen should I start?

Now, don’t wait for the right time in your life. The right time is now!!!

We all use to wait for the right time and the right time goes out too quickly. So if you’re planning to start something, Do IT NOW!!!

Should I have a time table?

That’s not important. If you want to have a time table you can make one, but only if you’re following it regularly.

What should I start with?
We waste our time in this matter of what to start. For that make up your mind about your favorite chapter, that would help you to move further.

Do I need to start with “read subjects or do subjects?” (Theory or practical)

That’s all up to you, wherever you feel comfortable. But make sure one thing, don’t convert your practical subjects into theoretical ones.

Should I study by myself or in a group?

You should always study at your own, as you won’t get such good company all the time.

Where should I study?

You can study anywhere, if you’re so focused about your studies. Otherwise you can find peace anywhere in the corner of your house and then you may start.

How long should I study?

Well that’s all up to you, till the time you aren’t mentally stressed out, you can continue. After that you can take a nap for a while or have some light food and then start again. Make sure you’re sleeping enough to focus a bit more and sleeping for 6 hours is more than enough for that.

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