How can we stay closer to God?

How can we stay closer to God?

How can we stay closer to God?

We always adopt so many things to stay closer to god but trust me if you’ll perform your duties with perfection, that’s also a way to stay closer to God. We always keep on thinking that the worship is the only way out to impress the almighty but I feel that’s not true. God doesn’t ever need worship, god always consider our intentions like how we’re treating others.

If you are respecting and serving your parents and grandparents properly then this is your biggest worship and prayer. Otherwise, if you are not respecting your family and are busy in the prayers of God, then it is of no use.

God never meets you in Temples and Gurudwaras because God is always there in your heart and you just need to sense that within your heart. If you fulfill all your deeds, with all your heart and without any selfishness, that is also a kind of worship.

So many gurus are trying to behave like God and spreading few wrong messages. I may be wrong but I feel such gurus can be a medium to convey your thoughts to God but can’t be equivalent to God.

If you really want to stay closer to god, so just go and serve the needy people and you’ll automatically get numerous blessings. I hope you all will keep this thing in your mind. Stay blessed.

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