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Rishabh Datta

I always wanted to have my own website, it’s been so long i was planning to have one. Finally here I am with my latest website rishabhdatta.com and I hope you guys will like it.

I’m going to post few things and experiences related to me. Let me know whatsoever you feel about that.

There are only few ppl in my life those who are aware that I use to write sometimes. ?
The reason I write is because if I didn’t my life wouldn’t be complete (excuse the cliche). When I write I come alive as the person I want to be, a hero on a crazy adventure. Suddenly I have the power to make anything happen, I can live in a world I invented with characters I create, doing things I thought of. I love the feeling. ?
Umm.. I don’t do it enough, epic ideas are always running through my head, but I rarely write everything down. But I’m trying to change this; lately I’ve become much more serious about my writing.

I have a pretty bad habit of starting stories (not exactly stories), reaching the middle and giving up but my mind is always going on n on, but I don’t lack ideas (Being an IT Professional), but I do lack in formation of certain things. But now I’m determined to finish what I’ve started this time. ??

Again writing is something special to me and to stop would be like asking the sun to quit rising.

I was in 9th when I started writing but I was using newspapers & other rough papers and I was destroying too side by side. ?

Mom was asking last night u should let this world know that you also use to write and I was like please No! I don’t want anyone to read my words, umm that too for no reason. ?

? This is for the very first time I’m sharing my words with you all.
And very soon I’ll post something related to my life! Stay tuned.. ?

P.S. – I’m not a writer!!! 😉

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