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Few Lessons by my Father

Few Lessons by my Father

  • First of all, my father taught me when I was really young: You aren’t a human being, if you can’t hold your nerves. And I always kept that in my mind and I decided I’ll always keep on working on that. So whenever I feel like going with the flow, I always try to hold my nerves to make it to the best effect.
  • After that he taught me that you shouldn’t accept your defeat so easily. When I was so young, at that time only I decided that I’ll not accept defeat at any point of time no matter what the situations are. I’ll always work hard in order to win almost every battle of my life.
  • He taught me to stay positive and transparent in every situation in your life. That really helped me in so many ways.
  • Apart from that, he taught me to stay professional and that also helped me in my business in order to achieve my goals.
  • He is the one who made me understand not to copy anyone and follow your own heart in almost every situation. This thing really helped me to boost up my confidence level.
Rishabh Datta with Father

Rishabh Datta with Father

Most importantly, he gave me one of the greatest gift that anyone could give to another person, He believed in me in my tough times. I’m so blessed to have him in my life.


My father is so dedicated towards his work, he is so confident about whatever he is doing. He is so patient, I’ve seen this and learnt a lot from him. He is so professional and I’m still learning a lot from him without even letting him know about this. I’ve learnt few other things from him as he don’t waste his time with people those who don’t have logic. He mentioned that use your brain wisely that too with wise people.

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Life is all about moments - Rishabh Datta

Life is all about moments

Life is all about making few memorable moments. We shouldn’t wait for those moments, when there is a possibility of making them. We normally live like a normal human being, but if you aren’t making few moments that means you aren’t living as it should be.

At times we start expecting few things from our life and that’s the most awkward thing. We shouldn’t expect anything at any stage of our life, as we’re here to take it as it is. All we have is “Now”, then why we can’t make the most of this “Now”. Do whatever you want to do but “Do it right now”. May be you won’t get this “Now” back in the rest of your life ever.

Your life could be a perfect combination of few amazing moments if you want, so that you can die with few memories, not with dreams. For that you’ve to work hard to create those moments.

You shouldn’t give yourself that kind of an opportunity wherein you can mention, “I wish I did that”. In fact you should make up for something wherein you can mention, “Thank God I did that and I still can’t believe it”.

Now there are few things that can make a difference, first one is your approach. What I feel is a different approach with the same feel can really make a difference. All you’ve to consider about the possibilities to make that happen in a different way. I agree that sometimes you’ve to go with the flow, but still you can make a difference if your approach is unique.

Your life is so important and you should understand the value of it. You shouldn’t only live the life, when you can celebrate your life in your own way. At least you can do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do. Just make sure you’re on the right track. Enjoy your life to the core and stay blessed.

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Few qualities that you must have Rishabh Datta

Few qualities that you must have

Few qualities that you must have

Have faith in yourself

First of all, you should have faith in yourself that whatever you’re doing is right. You can solve so many issues, if you’ve self belief. And for that you should be an independent thinker.


You must have the ability to forgive, no matter how hard the conditions are. The person who forgives is great in so many ways.

Learn from your own mistakes

You should always learn from your own mistakes, you can’t grow as an individual if you’re repeating the same twice. Keep those lessons with you forever; it may help you going further.

Love everyone but don’t hate anyone

Spread love as much as you can. There shouldn’t be any scope of hating anyone. If you can actually do that, you’re going to stay in so many hearts for really long time.


No matter you’re right or wrong, you should always adopt Truthfulness. Nobody in this world can defeat you, if your basics are strong.

Say no to violence

Say no to violence in every case and you should always stay cool and calm. At times you can win so many things by using your patience what you can’t win from violence.

Take the initiative and complete it

If you’re planning about doing something, don’t delay. Do it right now. All you’ve to do is take the initiative and finish it in a flow.

Grab it whatever is coming your way

You should always grab it whatever is coming your way. Sometimes we use to wait for the better things to happen with us that go out of our hands from time to time.

Stay in your present

You should always stay in your present. You can consider your past just to make sure, how to go ahead towards your future.

I admit it’s really difficult to be totally perfect but still you can give it a try by following few things. Stay tuned for updates here and few more qualities that one should have.

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